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Yoteii, the Oxford based Drum and Bass badman has just dropped a mental 4 track hybrid EP. The EP, arriving to platforms with the help of Breeze Records, is a wide collection of Jump up, Neuro and Minimal sounds all meshed together.

Yoteii is well known for creating very intricate pieces of work and putting sounds that you wouldn’t naturally expect to hear along side on another. A great upside to this EP is that every track sounds different to the rest making for a pleasant listening experience.

The title track “The Shadow Monster” sets the mood for the whole EP showing off the weird and wild sounds that Yoteii is bringing to the scene. Following this vibe “Creatures” which speaks for itself has a grainy sound design that makes your skin crawl, in a nice way. A personal favourite tune on this EP is the track “No Choice” with the bendy vocal and the wonky jump up sound design. All 4 of the tracks on this EP are brilliantly produced and well thought out.

Follow Yoteii: Facebook / Soundcloud / Instagram

Follow Yoteii: Facebook / Soundcloud / Instagram

Exclusive Interview with Yoteii:

Warehouse: Firstly hope you’re well I’ve seen your name pop up all over the shop last few days outside of this breeze release so you’ve clearly got some behind the scenes action going on. So right off the bat what was it that got you into music production?

Yoteii: All good my man,been hard at work and keeping busy especially during lockdown so glad to see its paying off. The thing that got me into producing was really just that I listened to so much music growing up throughout school etc, i was always that kid with the headphones on. I got to a point in listening where i thought I've got a decent enough knowledge and influence that I could take a crack at it on my own. I already had a creative background as I was already into video editing at the time so I always wanted to do something productive with my free time.

Warehouse: So with the growing up around music what areas genre wise we’re you listening to at the time, was drum and bass ever in the playlist?

Yoteii: I listened to pretty much everything that was bass heavy as I'm sure we all did, started with House then moved onto trap music with the likes of RL Grime and Flosstradamus. I also listened to a lot of Dubstep like old school UKF uploads. Drum & Bass came more into it when i was around 18, I just picked it up when going to freshers events in Bournemouth and caught a vibe from it.

Warehouse: So at what stage then did you drop everything and say right, let’s have a whack at drum and bass production?

Yoteii: Well I already was messing around with FL Studio making instrumentals for friends and I said to my friend I'm gonna make some dnb as a joke to see what I come up with and then I kinda just realised how much more fun it is. I love how especially with Jump Up you can be super creative with your sound design and it's easy to find your own unique sound.

Warehouse: On the topic of unique sounds your music as a whole is incredibly unique and this EP proves it. Where did your inspiration for The Shadow Monster EP come from?

Yoteii: I love to hear that man. Personally I love to try and tell a story with my music and with each track on the EP I started with something that I built the story around. For 'No Choice' it was strange vocal sample in the intro, I stumbled across it in the depths of YouTube and I had to throw it straight into a project. With The Shadow Monster I revolved the track around the sound design. Listening to the drop I could imagine the image in my head of a creature chasing someone and I had recently been watching stranger things of course so that's where that part of it came from. For ratchet man it was another sample I found on YouTube which I thought could inspire an interesting concept which I interpreted into the weird being that is Ratchet Man. There’s a lot going on in the intro for ratchet man as I wanted to paint a picture in peoples heads of what he really is. And finally Creatures was inspired by the sound design again. I'd been experimenting with different sounds in the studio to see what direction I could take my music and I ended up with one of the favourites from the EP.

Warehouse: Creatures is one of our favourites In the office to be fair. Moving away from the EP release now and more onto you as an artist, do you have anything else up your sleeve for the 2020/21?

Yoteii: I can't say exactly what yet but I have a whole new wave of music where I believe I've taken my production to another level. I also have been working with a couple of different artists on making collabs and I'm excited to put them out there.

Warehouse: Are there any particular “dream” labels that you would like to release music within the future?

Yoteii: I can dream but I'd love to work with dnballstars and possibly Critical Music. I reckon I've got some bits there audience would eat up.

Warehouse: Are there any specific career goals you’d like to achieve within 2021 and onward?

Yoteii: Yeah of course I'm always looking for the next step in what I want to achieve as an artist. Personally I'd like to get more bookings as I really haven't had enough at all and when I have had them its been one of the best experiences. One of my goals for this year was to get an international booking but yeah I'm pretty sure that’s out the window now so I'm gonna shift that onto next year.

Warehouse: Anything is possible with the return of the raving obviously with the pandemic haulting the live production industry. On the topic of international bookings do you have an absolute dream event, venue or country you’d like to perform at?

Yoteii: I think the first international booking I'd love to get is Belgium as I've seen a load of clips of my music dropping at events there and it goes off. Possibly an Invaderz or Innovation event could be possible.

Warehouse: finally then, is there anything you’d like to say on your behalf about the EP?

Yoteii: Firstly shout out to Charlie from Breeze Records for doing a wicked job on promoting the EP and keeping me in the loop with everything. It’s been fun suggesting different things and trying new approaches with the promo. Also big up to Tristan who's also part of the team who's done a sick job on the write ups and getting the tracks to the right people. And lastly I'd like to thank everyone that’s played, liked, shared or commented on the EP, I really do pay attention to everyone’s thoughts and it means a lot seeing all the positive feedback and people getting excited for the release. Without the raves this is the best thing we have to gage the audiences reactions so thank you to everyone who is getting involved.

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