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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

DJ & Producer JANDO from Gloucester dropped his well anticipated 4 Track EP “Distressed” with Eternal Muzic Records this week. It comes as no surprise that this EP from start to finish is a spotless piece of work.

All four tracks slap equally but here in the office both "Distressed" & "45" have been rinsed on repeat. It has to be said that Jando's sound design stands out as Bold & Brash and this EP really proves the capabilities this artist has for the future.

With a track like "45" you can really feel what kind of effect the tune would have inside a packed room of sweaty ravers. This track in particular really has a warehouse sound to it which is just what we like to hear.

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Exclusive Interview with Jando:

Warehouse: What was your main inspiration or reasoning that led you towards music production?

Jando: I’d say college, I’ve been into music my whole life, played the drums since about 8 or 9 years old, played the guitar a little bit, I then found an interest in drum and bass around 15, got a pair of decks because my mate had some and when it was time to go to college, a music production course looked the best bet for me. As soon as I started that course I was obsessed with learning to make music.

Warehouse: And in your obsession to learn how to make music what artists were you trying to follow with your own production?

Jando: Hm I’m not actually too sure with this one because I’ve had a lot of inspiration from so many artists, but if I had to pick one it would probably be serum or S.P.Y.

Warehouse: So if you could work anyone currently established in drum and bass who would your top 3 be?

Jando: Again serum, S.P.Y and probably skeptical, could learn an insane amount from them all.

Warehouse: When it comes to your work then currently what is your process like in the studio? Do you go into a session knowing what you want to make or do you find inspiration and go from There?

Jando: I’ve found recently my time in the studio and workflow has been the best yet, I sometimes go into the studio with any ideas but I usually start a track with a basic concept of what I want in their, whether it’s an idea for the intro, specific style of drums/bass sounds or even down to a vocal sample I found the day before.

Warehouse: And so I’m assuming then as a result of a good workflow you’ve stocked up with tunes for the winter?

Jando: Oh 100%, made well over 20 tracks the past month or so, stocking up the dub folder fast!

Warehouse: so with that in mind what are the top 3 labels you’d like to work with and can you see that happening for 2021?

Jando: Ahh that’s a hard one, I reckon co - lab recordings, dread and souped up.

Warehouse: Is there any specific club or festival you are itching to perform at?

Jando: Boomtown is the dream.

Warehouse: So Regarding this distressed ep then, were there any particular inspirations or did you just go straight into the studio and get creative?

Jando: I’ve been itching to do an EP for a little while now, Eternal Muzic approached me regarding a release with them, I sent them a bunch of tunes and they were signed by the following week, these things just fall into place and it’s worked out great.

Warehouse: Finally what is your career goal for 2021?

Jando: To get my name out the as much possible, be able to work as a full time producer and give back to people as much as possible, wouldn’t be where I am now without them!

Warehouse: Thank you very much all the best is there anything else you want to add??

Jando: I’d like to credit some Producers and DJ’s that have always shown massive support for myself and my music; Teej, mistik, TJ, the bloc2bloc crew, disKrete, H-AP, ruttz, drop catcher, Munc3y. The list goes on but these are the first people that come to mind.

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